Write your own tuning files

Courses from beginner to advanced
Lesson Highlights

Calibrating ECU files is a complex task, hence we cannot provide a quick course on this subject. We do however offer several standardized courses where we cover topics from the bare beginning up to courses where you will be able to make your own files, completely on your own.


  • Safe Operation, Battery stabilizers, efficient workflows
  • Difference bench / boot / OBD
  • Difference VR and real read
  • What is a file, how can I look at it and what are maps


  • Working with Hex editors and specialized tuning software like WinOLS
  • What is a Bricked ECU and how can I recover
  • Finding information in files
  • Finding Maps
  • Boost, fuel, ignition managment
  • Ways to speed up your mapping process
  • Porting changes to other software version
  • Using advanced features offered by tuning software


  • Calibrating specific ECU’s / Brands
  • Checksums, what are they, how can I calculate them ?
  • Detailed look at protocols like KWP2000, CAN, UDS
  • How does an ECU work in more detail
  • Sensor Calibration

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